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McCormick Machine
Automation Company Inc.
We Can Design And Build A Machine To Assemble Most Anything That You Assemble By Hand.
We Call This A Walking Beam Table, Because We Use This Table To Transfer Pencils, Copper And Stainless Tubes, Medical Parts, Automobile Parts, And Many More Objects. Click On This Photo To See A Video Of This Machine.
These Photo's Are Samples Of The Type Of Machines We Build

This Machine Forms The Ends Of Stainless Steel Tubes That Becomes The Flex Tubes That Are Used For Gas Logs And Gas Water Heaters. Click On This Photo To See A Video Of This Machine.
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Weld Fitment
Clamp And Form Tube
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This is The Mission Statement Of MMAACI.
Some Of MMAACI's Customers.
This Machine Assembles Propane Tank Valves, That Are Used On Gas Grills.
     Walking Table
        For Saturn
We Have Machines Running All Over The World
This Machine Assembled One Of The First Aids Test Advertised.
Blood Test Machine.
This Machine Places Caps On The End Of Cosmetic Pencils At A Rate Of 210 Pencils A Minute.
This Machine Is A Pocket Patch Machine That Feeds Material Through Blades That Cuts Slots In The Material, That Is Used In The Garment Industry.
      Needle Machine                             End Capper                       Pocket Patch Machine
This Machine Assembles 400 Plus Needles A Minute For The Medical Industry.
This Table Walks Crank Shafts For Saturn Automobiles
    Propane Valve Machine
Walking Beam Table.

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